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The work, fun of a new year

What's on tap for readers in '12

Welcome to 2012. While the presidential election will dominate secular media this year, editors at The Lutheran believe we have come up with a few other stories of interest.

That's not to say we won't pay attention to the election. Rest assured the magazine won't get into partisan politics. Rather, the November election gives us an opportunity to explore Martin Luther's concept of the "Two Kingdoms," the temporal and spiritual realms of God. In a pluralistic country that strives to separate church and state, unpacking the Lutheran tradition on this sometimes misunderstood teaching should be helpful.

Passion swirled around two themes: domestic violence and mission trips. What are Lutherans doing to combat domestic violence and what does Lutheran theology teach? Mission trips generate sharply different responses. We'll look at efforts to keep the focus on truly helping others and away from just filling a need to be needed by those involved.

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