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No ambivalence in this story

Jesus is the Yes pronounced upon God's promises

The season we have entered is one of homecomings on many levels — geographical, emotional, social and spiritual.

Just as Joseph and Mary traveled to their ancestors' hometown, many Christians live December as a journey to the emotional, social and spiritual home that shaped and nurtured their identity and faith. Our expectation and hope is for joyful reunion and a renewal of the bonds of love.

Even when winter snow, icy roads, fogged-in airports, work commitments or illness make travel impossible, our minds and spirits still revisit memories of gatherings with family, friends and neighbors in our homes.

The Advent season, our monthlong journey to the celebration of Jesus' birth, is a homecoming of a particular sort. It is our return to the story where we discover how deeply God loves humankind — so much so that God took on human flesh to join the human family, to make a home with humankind.

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