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What If Your Best Friend Were Blue?

What If Your Best Friend Were Blue, a simple but elegant children's book by Vera Kochan and illustrated by Viviana Garofoli celebrates the diversity of humankind.

book coverWe live in a world of infinite variety: people of all colors, creeds, political affiliations, ethnic backgrounds and educational experiences. In this book for children 4 years and up, a little boy imagines that all the people around him are a different color. Would that change things in any significant way?

Even if his best friend were blue, he would still play soccer with him. Even if his doctor were yellow, he would still try to help him if he were sick. Even if she were orange, the babysitter would still try to think up games for them to play. Externals like appearance don't matter as much as what lies inside each person. Or as the little boy puts it: People "like you just because you're you" (Marshall Cavendish).


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Embracing diversity