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Getting Christmas right

Christmas is the celebration of God's spinning of divinity into material form. Its legacy is a treasure trove of theology, worship and the arts, of every imaginable form of lived religion. But where is the treasure today? Are we down to shopping, a winter holiday and good family times?

Today it's easier to imagine Christmas without religion than Christmas without shopping. Consumerism elbows out religion to be first in line at the manger scene. The American Christmas is a sacrament of material consumption and everyone wants a piece of it. In a hostile takeover bid, this new and improved Christmas is like a computer virus colonizing every inbox, including our own, and sending out rival messages.

michael d. watsonWhat can Christians do to redeem our great festival? The crisis of Christmas is also one of Christianity as a stage for God's presence in the modern world. Saving Christmas requires authentic public performances by believable Christians before a world audience.

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