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ELCA responds to floods in Central America

Rain and more rain. At presstime, five Central American countries and Mexico were starting the recovery process following more than 10 days of torrential rains that began Oct. 10. Resultant flooding and mudslides caused more than 100 deaths in the region and displaced hundreds of thousands from their homes.

U.N. officials placed the numbers of affected at 300,000 in El Salvador, 175,000 in Guatemala, 134,000 in Nicaragua, 92,000 in Mexico, 55,000 in Honduras, and 1,000 in Costa Rica.

The ELCA is working with local partners to provide clean water, food, shelter and long-term help. So far, ELCA members have provided $75,000 for the relief efforts of the Lutheran World Federation and Salvadoran Lutheran Church in El Salvador, $23,000 for efforts of ELCA companion churches in Guatemala and Nicaragua, and $20,000 for immediate humanitarian response in Honduras.

Salvadoran Lutheran Church Bishop Medardo Gomez said pastors are working "under constraints and risks, putting themselves in danger to save others, their people and the people from our communities."

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