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Holiday cheer from readers

Feedback surprisingly positive

Gifts come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Sometimes they aren't physical things at all, they're events or intentions. You'll find some great examples in the delightful cover story "Gifts to remember."

Gifts can also be ideas and special words. That's what The Lutheran received over the past few weeks from readers about the future of the magazine, as requested in this space in October. Perhaps most surprising was what wasn't given — rebukes. There's no shortage of criticism directed at the magazine month in and out, but not on this occasion. Following is a sampling of what came in.

"Your mag is cool the way it is (I'm a 20+ year reader). You're overly stressed about doing more or less of this or that. If it ain't broke, don't fix it," wrote Brian Akey of LaPuente, Calif.

"I appreciate that hard issues in the church aren't sugarcoated and even though I don't agree with all of the opinions and articles, I appreciate the diversity of our church and try to read with an open mind," said Shiela Mugaas of Sherwood, N.D.

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