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A nod to Bon Jovi

I asked if any of the preschoolers wanted to pray. Travis raised his hand enthusiastically, and we all folded our hands and bowed our heads. Then in a strong, beautiful voice he sang: "Oh, we're halfway there. O-h, living on a prayer. Take my hand and we'll make it, I swear. O-h, living on a prayer." We all said, "Amen."

Bree Truax
Camas, Wash.

Cartoon by Bob Vojtko
"I like Thanksgiving. In one day you can get all of your? minimum monthly requirements."

Clever comeback

My brother, a stamp collector, told me there is a Martin Luther stamp. When I told my son about this he asked, "Do you have to nail it to the envelope?"

Marion Bramschreiber
Colorado Springs, Colo.

Sorry I asked ...

While teaching vacation Bible school at St. Luke Lutheran Church, Williamsport, Pa., the first- and second-grade class discussed growth and change. I asked, "How are you different today from your baby pictures?" They gave me some good answers, so I asked, "How do you think you'll be different when you are grown up?" One boy became very serious and said, "Well, I guess when I'm grown up, I'll have a really hairy chest." I said, "I see. Does your father have a hairy chest?" He replied, "No, he just has man boobs."

Theodore L. Cockley
Williamsport, Pa.

Cartoon by Bob Vojtko
"I'd like to thank God for giving Mom enough energy to shop for this food, cook it, and then clean up after us. Amen."

Coming and going ...

A mother took her son with her to a wake. He looked at the body, pulled on his mother's arm and said, "Pastor is a liar." His mother asked him why. The boy explained, "Pastor said we come into this world naked and we leave it naked. Mom, that man has clothes on!"

L.C. Beener
Anamosa, Iowa

Getting 'forgived'

I was watching my 7-year-old grandson's favorite TV shows with him. Suddenly he said something unacceptable, and I said, "Alex, you should not use that language." His reply? "It's OK, I'll get forgived in church on Sunday."

Nancy E. Hovell
Galesville, Wis.


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