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Shining the light on Epiphany

Traditions include piñatas, dramas and light bulbs

Heidi Neumark, pastor of Trinity of Manhattan [N.Y.] Lutheran, led her previous congregation in celebrating Epiphany with a Three Kings (Tres Reyes) Party, including a piñata and a drama.

The piñata tradition at Transfiguration Lutheran Church in the Bronx was nixed after "excited children swinging a stick to get at candy" nearly resulted in injury to an elderly woman, Neumark said. But she promised the pinata fans a new tradition that would be equally as fun. The activity has been such a hit she continues to do it at Trinity.

designpicsNeumark offers these instructions:

• Put chairs in a circle (facing inward) equal to the number of participants. On each chair, tape a picture of a character from the Christmas/Epiphany story (angel, Mary, Joseph, cow, sheep, donkey, star, Herod, three kings, etc.). Make duplicates of characters so there are enough for every chair.

• After each participant takes a chair, play Christmas/Epiphany music. Like musical chairs, people move in a circle around the chairs (but no one is ever out) and sit on the seat they're next to when the music stops.

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