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Teen pilot

17-year-old plans to continue pursuit in college

If high school student Andrew Marvin was driving a car, his mother Heather would feel comfortable instructing him to watch the road or to slow down.

Instead, Marvin's transportation of choice is an airplane, and his mom has no idea how to fly. So she says a little prayer for everyone's safety, sits back and enjoys the ride, understanding that her son is a natural-born pilot.

Andrew Marvin's senior picture shows
Andrew Marvin's senior picture shows his love for flying. The natural-born pilot got his license at age 17.

Marvin, a member of Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, Petoskey, Mich., got his pilot's license two months after his 17th birthday, which is as young as you can be to fly legally.

That doesn't include practice, of course, and to trace his passion for flying, you have to go back to his preteen years when his uncle started taking him up in a private plane. "We ended up going into a thunderstorm," said Marvin, recalling his first flight with his uncle about five years ago. "My mom was in the backseat, white-knuckling it, and I was having the time of my life."

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