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For the record: 533 congregations withdraw from the ELCA

According to the ELCA Office of the Secretary, 533 churches have withdrawn from the official roster of congregations from Aug. 14, 2009, through Sept. 1, 2011.

States most impacted by votes to disaffiliate are Minnesota (64 congregations), Iowa (50) and Ohio (47).

Synods losing the most congregations are Southwestern Texas (19 percent) and Western Iowa and North Carolina (both 15 percent).

Synods losing the fewest are Metropolitan Washington, D.C., and Slovak Zion (none), and Alaska, Arkansas-Oklahoma, Caribbean, and New Jersey (one each).


Robert Buntrock

Robert Buntrock

Posted at 2:58 pm (U.S. Eastern) 11/7/2011

Sad news.  Even sadder are the statistics and wrenching effects of congregations remaining in the ELCA but losing members because of the 2009 Assembly actions (see one of the letters in this issue).  As a member of a welcoming and inclusive congregation I wish those leaving good luck and I hope they will begin to once again look outward rather than inward to carry on the mission of the greater Christian chruch.  Maybe also reflect on the effect their decisions have on others as well as themselves.

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