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Stockpiling life

We never seem to have enough and prospect of shortfall frightens us silly

Read Exodus 16:1-36

One of the more memorable New Yorker magazine cartoons of recent years depicts an older man sitting up in bed, reflecting on the life he is about to conclude. The bedroom curtains are blowing in the wind. A young man, possibly his grandson, stands beside the bed holding his hands. Looking the youngster in the eye, the dying man says, "I should have bought more crap."

We live in a time where there is this insatiable desire for more. Actually it's a desire as old as the human species. Our consumer culture merely advertises more aggressively than past societies. If cemetery headstones were available for purchase at big box stores, the generic epitaph He never had quite enough could be a best-seller. Or, She always wanted a little more.

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