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Naamah and the Ark at Night

It's easy for children to marvel at the scene of Noah loading animals two by two onto the ark. The author of Naamah and the Ark at Night, a beguiling children's book for kids aged 4 through 8, goes one step further and imagines what happened once all were aboard the ark and the storms came.

Book coverThe animals become restless and prowl around, so Noah's wife Naamah sings to them all night. This caring woman also sings for the moon and the stars, for earth and sky, and for her sons and their wives. The songs are soothing for all aboard the ark, and two by two they go to sleep.

Author Susan Campbell Bartoletti calls the book "a lullaby," and the lovely collage artwork by Holly Meade perfectly matches the mood of the story. Singing to make the world right and to calm the restless soul is a deeply spiritual gift from God (Candlewick Press).


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