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Confirmands create stoles to celebrate community

At the Lutheran-Methodist Parish of Forestburg and Woonsocket, S.D., confirmands picked up needles and thread to create stoles with help from people who have a significant part in the fabric of their lives.

"The stole idea is one that is a journey," said Rhonda Wellsandt-Zell, pastor of the parish, which includes Forestburg Lutheran, Forestburg; Bethany Lutheran, Woonsocket; and Woonsocket United Methodist.

Confirmands at the Lutheran-Methodist
Confirmands at the Lutheran-Methodist Parish of Forestburg and Woonsocket, S.D., celebrate their Affirmation of Baptism. The youth wear stoles made of fabric given to them by significant people who have shared in their faith journey. Pictured are Morgan Selland (left); Elliott Ohlrogge; Jacob Rosemore; Rhonda J. Wellsandt-Zell, pastor; Alexander Zell; and Brenden Rassel.

The journey began with students creating a time line that marked the significant faith milestones in their lives. They wrote a brief description of each milestone and included photos if possible.

Next they sent letters to family and friends that explained: "[You are] receiving this letter because you have been an important part of my faith life and I would like for you to reflect on what we share as part of that relationship in faith."

Recipients of the letters were invited to send a strip of fabric (approximately 5-by-45-inch) that reflected their relationship with the confirmand; the student's charesacter, interests or hobbies; or significant times in the life of the individual or their family. Participants included a note explaining why they selected the fabric. These stories were placed in the students' "Faith Time Line" books.

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