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One Night in a Stable (Eerdmans, 2004) is an imaginative look at the night Jesus was born. Guido Visconti weaves a tale of an ox who welcomes animals into his stable on a cold, windy night. Then the ox must find room for the Holy Family.

For ages 3 and up, this heartwarming story conveys several Christmas themes: selflessness, love, friendship, hospitality, caring and joy.

The artwork complements the story with colorful, soft tones. Readers will feel like they're soaring with the dove who delivers the ox's invitations to the animals. They'll feel the cold weather and the warmth of the stable. This is a good book to snuggle on the couch with and read to family.

Order from www.eerdmans.com; (800) 253-7521.

For a delightful story about Chrismons, read Samuel Sparrow and The Tree of Light by Ann Lane Albright, a member of Ascension Lutheran Church, Danville, Va.

The story follows Samuel's flight to Ascension, where his tree has been transformed by Chrismons, ornaments that depict Christian symbols. This entertaining story tells how Frances Spencer created Chrismons in 1957 for Ascension's tree. Now the Chrismon ministry at Ascension offers books and tours of its Christmas tree.

To order this book or for more information on Chrismons, go to www.chrismon.org; (434) 799-3900.


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