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Taking stock of the 'choir'

Assembly attendees offer insight

At the 2011 Churchwide Assembly in August, the chair of The Lutheran's advisory committee, Joy M. Newcom of Forest City, Iowa, made the rounds asking attendees their impressions of the magazine. Following are the highlights of her notes. They may well help all readers engage in a discussion about the purpose and future of the magazine.

First, the attendees were clearly the magazine's choir. Nearly every person affirmed that they read The Lutheran. Most who said "yes" did so emphatically, and many added, "I love it." Those who attend Churchwide Assemblies are clearly motivated to learn more about the ELCA. The magazine was heralded for "really giving a great picture of what is happening in our denomination." However, those of college age or younger admitted to not reading The Lutheran at all or very well, and most vaguely knew what it was.

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