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An invitation to chaplaincy

Brig. Gen. Howard Stendahl addresses assembly

Brig. Gen. Howard Stendahl, ELCA chaplain in the U.S. Air Force based at the Pentagon, reminded the Churchwide Assembly of the men and women who give from four to 40 years to serve our nation's defense, and of the ELCA chaplains who provide them with a ministry of word and sacrament, teaching and pastoral care.

Brig. Gen. Howard Stendahl
Brig. Gen. Howard Stendahl

He spoke of "great American heroes" serving in the armed forces, including an Air Force staff sergeant who lost an arm and part of his face because of a detonated explosive. The sergeant asked Stendahl: "Is there any way I can go back to my unit?"

Stendahl invited ELCA pastors into military chaplaincy. He also asked the church to join with the prayers of those in active service and reserves because he said no one's prayers for peace are more ardent than those who have seen the absence of peace.


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