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Churchwide Assembly looks to future

Presenters emphasize the ELCA's assets and aspirations

The difference from two years ago was obvious in many ways, particularly one. The 2011 Churchwide Assembly in Orlando, Fla., brimmed with a younger face, not only from those attending but to those speaking as well.

Nearly 13 percent of voting members were 30 and younger, and 27 percent were under the age of 46. When they addressed issues under consideration, from revamping the way the denomination operates to a malaria initiative and a genetics social statement, it was clear they were ready to engage.

Attendees of the 2011 Churchwide Assembly
Attendees of the 2011 Churchwide Assembly navigate the halls of the Marriott Orlando [Fla.] World Center.

On a broader level, the assembly looked to the future. While acknowledging drops in membership and donations, presenters repeatedly circled back to the assets and aspirations of the ELCA's members, congregations, synods, regions, agencies and institutions, and churchwide organization. And they nearly universally voiced high expectations for the church in the years to come.

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