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Augsburg College offers survival camp, Carthage Microgravity Team attends shuttle launch

Should participants of the survival camp sponsored by Augsburg College, Minneapolis, find themselves up a creek without a paddle, they will have prayers and survival skills to protect them. Pehn Lo, Augsburg's director of pan-Asian student services, led men through the wilds of northern Minnesota. During the four-day excursion, students learned to turn a capsized canoe, hunt and fish for food, and navigate to shore with only their wits, map and compass.

All that Twitters is not gold. At least, this is what director Michael Arndt wants audiences to take away from the Kingsmen Shakespeare Co.'s performance of The Merchant of Venice. The professional theater troupe is associated with California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks. Arndt said the play is an opportunity to explore the information overload of today's media — social and otherwise — and the divisions it creates.

Mobile technology has taken over the present, and now it's trying to take over the past. Application developers associated with Gettysburg [Pa.] College have launched what they call the nation's first college news app for the iPad. The "Gburg News" provides up-to-date stories about the college to students, parents, alumni or anyone with the groundbreaking tablet.

Students Amber Bakkum, Steven Mathe, Kimberly Schultz and physics professor Kevin Crosby from Carthage College, Kenosha, Wis., visited the Kennedy Space Center to watch the final NASA shuttle launch. They were granted access to the launch pad, a meteorite's throw away from the shuttle Atlantis. The quartet is part of the Carthage Microgravity Team, which received the invitation from NASA.


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