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Brother Sun, Sister Moon: Saint Francis of Assisi's Canticle of the Creatures

In this prayer poem, St. Francis of Assisi reaches out to the natural world and identifies the sun, the moon, the wind, the water and the earth as our brothers and sisters in the divine family.

All rights reserved.Modeling a way of gratitude and reverence for life, St. Francis praises God as the gifted artist who has given all creation variety and beauty and bounty. And within this sweep of praise, he also includes those who endure sickness or square off with death.

This picture book for children ages 4 through 8 is an exquisite blend of writing and design.

It is easy to see why writer Katherine Paterson has twice won the Newbery Award and the National Book Award.

Equally impressive are the illustrations of paper-cut artist Pamela Dalton (Handprint Books/Chronicle Books).


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