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How Did I Get to Be 70 When I'm 35 Inside? Spiritual Surprises of Later Life

"Every tomorrow has two doors, we can enter through the door of resistance or the door of growth. The first is fueled by fear, the second by faith," writes Linda Douty, a spiritual director and retreat leader, in How Did I Get to Be 70 When I'm 35 Inside?

Although there are many challenges in aging, it does offer a door to growth. Douty knocks down sayings like "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" or "It's all downhill from here." She thinks we should see ourselves as getting wiser as we age, as making music with what we have, and as expanding our horizons.

All rights reserved.Aging also offers us many opportunities to process the messages our bodies give us, especially those about coping with pain and illness, libido and longevity. It is also a time to pay attention to the complicated relationships with partners, friends, adult children and the world.

Douty also covers the surprises that come with our ever-changing images of God, our understandings of prayer, our discernment of the Spirit's guidance, and our trusting of the divine mystery (Skylight Paths).


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