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My son's friend goes to the 'big' church

What if my son likes it better than our small, less flashy congregation?

Q: My child's best friend goes to the "big" church in town, and he has invited my son to visit.

They've got so many fun things there, including a game room and rock music during worship.

I'm worried my son will like his friend's church better than our small, less flashy congregation. Should I let him go?

DesignpicsA: While video games and electric guitars might grab a child's attention, those aren't the things that ultimately keep kids (or adults) content at a particular church. The depth of relationships within a caring community of faith matters more.

Your child likely wants to visit his friend's church because it's a chance to hang out with a close buddy.

Ultimately, it's up to you whether you let your child go or not. But don't base your decision solely on the fear that your home church will come up short.


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