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Rally around vacation Bible school

Children learn about Jesus' hometown and healthy habits

At Nativity Lutheran Church, Allentown, Pa., excitement about vacation Bible school began not long after Easter as the children anticipated visiting "Hometown Nazareth" (Group Publishing). The excitement grew as volunteers began building Nazareth for the July 11-15 event.

Over 10 days the church's new fellowship area was transformed. Large sheets of Styrofoam were molded and painted to look like the main street in Nazareth. This area became the marketplace, with tented cubicles inviting children to try their hands at creative crafts at the Wool Shop, the Carpenter Shop, the Bead Bazaar, Tie-Dye Terrific and more.

Youth go back in time to visit Hometown
Youth go back in time to visit Hometown Nazareth at Nativity Lutheran Church, Allentown, Pa. Bible school participants heard the stories and explored an authentic marketplace to discover more about Jesus' childhood.

Large, colorful blankets on the narthex floor identified where each of the 12 tribes (classes) would gather for learning, caring and sharing.

The stage was set for the nearly 100 children who attended Bible school, held with Cedar Lutheran and Cedar United Church of Christ, Allentown.

They weren't disappointed. Each night the tribes gathered for a light supper. The excitement continued as the kids made their way through the activities and concluded with worship, making full use of the new nave's video screens and sound system.

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