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Flower bud ministry

Volunteers deliver donated bouquets

When Mary Fletcher and her group The Flower Buds approached Third Lutheran, Louisville, Ky., about using the fellowship hall and kitchen for flower storage and arranging, the congregation embraced the ministry and got involved.

©istockphoto.com/letty17The Flower Buds pick up, arrange and deliver donated flowers to hospice patients and others who don't normally receive flowers. "Our purpose is to bring comfort, joy and happiness to recipients and their families," according to its mission statement.

Stories of gratitude abound, including one about an elderly hospice patient who took her last breath after receiving a vase of pink carnations from The Flower Buds. The woman's daughter said her mother had always received pink carnations on special occasions from her husband, and that the delivery may have been a sign to let go and join him in heaven.


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