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A God bent on relationship

Storyline of Bible is one of a radically different kind of faith

The Bible breathes life — not the book itself but the God who lives across its pages. Anyone who has hung even a thread of personal hope on the grace woven through Scripture knows this life-giving quality. So what are some of the Bible stories that are indispensable to living the Christian life well? Why are they so valuable to our journey of faith? These are the questions prompting this 10-part series. I encourage you to read the assigned passage as closely and carefully as you can. Then sit back and explore with me what it means to live abundantly.

Read Genesis 3:1-9

Some years ago, the Assembly of God Church, Bushnell, Fla., received one of those computerized mailings from American Family Publishers. The letter announced that God, of Bushnell, had been chosen as a finalist for the $11 million top prize in the company's sweepstakes. Hardly short on flattery, the sweepstakes letter got right to the point: "God, we've been searching for you! What an incredible fortune this would be for you, God. ... Don't just sit there, God!"

Obviously the entry of God as the addressee was a computer error. But this little electronic mistake also highlights a deeper error that has plagued religious people through the ages: "How do I find God?"

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