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Merci Mister Dash!

Mister Dash is a mongrel with manners who always puts "his best paw forward." He lives with Madame Croissant who owns a gift shop and spends evenings working on her stamp collection.

Mister Dash relishes the peace and quiet.

Merci Mister Dash!But Sundays are when young Daphne visits. She insists on hugging and then playing with him outside.

Despite all the disagreeable things Mister Dash experiences at the hands of Daphne, he demonstrates why dogs are called humankind's best friends.

Monica Kulling's story for children 3 to 6 years old teaches the importance of manners. Here Mister Dash is the tutor who patiently goes through some irritating situations before demonstrating his kindness in a very visible way. The virtue of courtesy comes across loud and clear in Merci Mister Dash (Tundra Books, 2011).


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