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S. John Roth
S. John Roth

Elected: S. John Roth, 57, as bishop of the Central-Southern Illinois Synod, effective Sept. 1.

When: June 4, on the fifth ballot with 219 votes. Robert Rasmus, a pastor of St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Urbana, Ill., received 110 votes.

Bio: Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church, Jacksonville, Ill. Also served congregations in Glen Ellyn, Ill.; Florissant, Mo.; and Bogota, N.J.

Replaces: Warren D. Freiheit, who will begin as pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in Hot Springs Village, Ark.


James F. Mauney, 59, to a six-year term as bishop of the Virginia Synod, June 6 on the first ballot, with 276 of 340 ballots.

Martin D. Wells, 62, to a six-year term as bishop of the Eastern Washington-Idaho Synod, June 4 on the first ballot, with 165 of 212 ballots.


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