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Six steps to sufficiency

How to be, have and do enough

1. Listen for the next right thing.

We make thousands of tiny choices a day that make up a week, a year, a life. When making choices, tune into that invisible, intangible, yet consistent guidance that has run through your life thus far.

2. Practice a beginner's mind.

Become more playful in recognizing possibilities and outcomes.

3. Live at the pace of the heart.

Often our lives are forced to run at the speed of the mind, but the heart processes information much slower.


4. Watch for what makes you speedy and therefore take on too much.

Often in our attempt to avoid feelings, such as grief or disappointment, we move too fast. Also watch for artificial emergencies. In this age of speed and efficiency, everything becomes urgent. But is it really?

5. Notice "dishonest" kindness.

When we extend ourselves beyond our present capacity, who does it serve? Ask yourself before promising to do something: Can I handle it? or Do I love it? Our lives have become more about what we can handle, instead of about what we love.

6. Create boundaries around your accessibility.

Avoid the 24/7 expectation of availability through email, social networks and cellphones. Do you want to be available by phone constantly, or could you occasionally turn it off? Establish email-free days.


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