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Gifts that make a world of difference

Two catalogs suggest meaningful Christmas gifts for loved ones: a fairly traded handcraft or the knowledge that a hungry person can survive, thanks to your gift donation.

From coffee to jewelry, toys to dishes, items in the Lutheran World Relief's handcraft project catalog (www.lwr.org/handcraft; 888-294-9660) help global artisans feed their families, educate their children and improve communities. Their work earns a fair price thanks to SERRV International, which contributes 10 percent of purchases to LWR.

To make a gift donation on behalf of someone on your Christmas list, check out the ELCA World Hunger Appeal "Alternative Giving Ideas Catalog." A gift of:

• $10 provides basic medical care for 10 refugees in Sudan and other countries.

• $15 gives two rabbits to a person in Peru or Uganda.

• $100 digs a well in Mauritania or pays the monthly salary of a Lutheran trauma counselor in war-torn Liberia.

• $500 ensures one year of care and schooling for an AIDS orphan.

Order online at www.elca.org/hunger/resources/altgiving.html or call (800) 328-4648 for a free catalog.


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