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Teenager builds on sister's experience

Kuhns starts foundation to help young cancer patients

Kylie Kuhns didn't look nervous when the camera closed in on her at The Rachel Ray Show earlier this year and the famed host started asking her questions — but she was.

Still, she was prepared, and she spoke from the heart, just as she has since she founded Kelsey's Dream, a foundation to help young cancer patients that was recognized as a nonprofit in 2007. It's named after her sister, who died in 2005 from leukemia when she was 12 years old.

Kylie's dedication to following in the footsteps of her sister, who would support other children in the hospital even though she was also sick, led her to being chosen as one of the five finalists for the USA Today Kindness Challenge.

"We never would have guessed it would grow this quickly," said Kylie, who with her family is a member of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Middleburg, Pa. "A lot of people have been contacting me across the country since the show, so it turned out to be a good way to get the word out."

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