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Grandma's Wedding Album

In Grandma's Wedding Album, an enchanting book for ages 4-8 by Harriet Ziefert, a brother and sister dress up and pretend they are going to get married, but they don't know much about the rite.

Grandma's Wedding AlbumGrandma shows them pictures of her wedding to Poppy. She talks about the functions of ring bearer, the flower girl, the vows, the party, the cake and throwing the bouquet before departing for their honeymoon.

Grandma's Wedding Album is a delight from start to finish, with colorful illustrations by Karla Gudeon conveying all the zest of a wedding. Best of all, the story models an important role grandparents can play in explaining some of the more important rituals in life by sharing their stories (Blue Apple Books, 2011).


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