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Wallenberg: A Hero's Story

Wallenberg: A Hero's Story is a DVD rerelease of the four-hour TV miniseries that first aired in 1985.

It tells the dramatic true story of a Lutheran Swede who demonstrated a boundless talent for compassion during World War II. Although his country had remained neutral and the fighting would be over within a year, Raoul Wallenberg (Richard Chamberlain) went on a dangerous humanitarian mission to rescue Hungary's Jews, courageously confronting the last gasp of Nazi terror.

Wallenberg: A Hero's StoryWallenberg is credited with saving nearly 100,000 lives, one eighth of Hungary's Jewish community — more people than were rescued by any other individual or institution in Europe.

On Jan. 17, 1945, he was taken into Soviet Union custody and disappeared into its prison system. Although his fate is unknown, Wallenberg's legacy is secure. On the way to the Holocaust Museum on the western outskirts of Jerusalem is an avenue of trees commemorating "Righteous Gentiles" who risked their lives to save Jews.

A medal with each name contains a Talmudic inscription: "Whoever saves a single soul, it is as if he saved the whole world." One of them is the Raoul Wallenberg tree (Paramount Home Video, not rated).


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