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Celebrating a baptismal birthday

Some ideas for making the day special

Q: We're coming up on the first anniversary of my son's baptism, and I want to start a tradition of making this day extra special. What are some ideas?

A: Remembering our baptism — that we belong to God — is worth celebrating every day, not just once a year. When parents mark a child's baptism anniversary, however, they help emphasize that this relationship to God is something extra special.

designpicsIdeas for celebrating abound: display pictures from your child's baptism, serve white frosted cupcakes as dessert, light the same candle used at your child's baptism, make contact with your child's godparents if they don't remember to contact you first, or arrange to place chancel flowers at your church to mark the occasion.


Robert Burke

Robert Burke

Posted at 9:30 am (U.S. Eastern) 7/20/2011

Check out the suggestions in "Living the Promises of Baptism", 101 ideas for parents.  This volume is part of Augsburg Fortress' new resources for preparing for baptism, called "Washed and Welcomed."

Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson

Posted at 5:16 pm (U.S. Eastern) 10/28/2011

Our pastor had printed from his handbook, "Anniversary of a Baptism" for my husband and me 24 years ago. Every year we read/go through it with our daughter's original baptismal candle/lighting it where appropriate. Then we typically give her some kind of gift i.e. a picture of her in her baptismal gown, a cross, etc...

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