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Michael K. Girlinghouse
Michael K. Girlinghouse

Elected: Michael K. Girlinghouse, 50, as bishop of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod, effective July 1.

When: May 1, on the fifth ballot with 97 votes. Jean L. DeVoll-Donaldson, synod director for evangelical mission, received 31 votes.

Bio: Pastor of University Lutheran Church and Student Center, Norman, Okla. Also served congregations in Wauwatosa, Wis., and Wayne, Neb., as well as campus ministries at Wayne State College and the University of South Dakota, Vermillion.

Replaces: Floyd M. Schoenhals, who retired Feb. 1 for health reasons.

Donald P. Kreiss
Donald P. Kreiss

Elected: Donald P. Kreiss, 50, as bishop of the Southeast Michigan Synod, effective Aug. 1.

When: May 14 on the fifth ballot, with 193 votes. Niklaus C. Schillack, special minister of Christ the King Lutheran Church, Lapeer, Mich., had 145 votes.

Bio: Pastor of Antioch Lutheran Church, Farmington Hills, Mich.; King of Glory, Flushing, Mich.

Replaces: Stephen G. Marsh, who resigned June 28, 2010.

Re-elected: Thomas A. Skrenes, 56, to a six-year term as bishop of the Northern Great Lakes Synod, May 15 on the fourth ballot, with 147 of 199 ballots.


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