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Pastors and congregations work together in church, world

So you are a congregation looking for the ideal pastor. How exactly would you recognize her? Or perhaps you're a pastor looking for just the right congregation. How would you know this group is for you?

In working with churches, it's clear that underneath every effective congregation lies a simple question that shapes everything (yes, everything): "What is God up to and how can we help?" All the people, ordained or not, ask it. It's the question on everyone's lips.

Of course, answering the question brings its own dilemma. Just what is God up to here? How do we know it is God? Do we even believe we can know what God is doing?

lucas cranach/wikimediaIn my traveling and teaching, no issue raises more eyebrows than this one. I've had people who should know better say things like: "Deciding what we think God is up to is too hard for our people. I think we should just do the Great Commission: invite people to church and let the churches make disciples out of the people who come."

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