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Go ahead, go to some trouble

Some moments call for blatant extravagance

Storyteller Garrison Keillor has us Lutherans pegged. He infers that we will rarely ask anyone to go to any trouble on our behalf; we put up with marginal food and mediocre service; and we don't go in for much "flash" in presentation.

But from time to time I advise myself and others "to go to some trouble." Rather than efficiency and cost containment, some moments call for blatant extravagance in time, talent or treasure.

designpicsI recently hosted a thank-you luncheon for my wife, Nancy, and three other women who provide counseling and therapeutic care to soldiers and their family members. What a joy it was to go to some trouble for four ladies who have given so much to the central Texas military community.

"Go to some trouble" thinking is in line with the woman who anointed Jesus' feet with expensive perfume (John 12:3). Not all the time, but every now and then it's worthwhile for everyone involved to go to some trouble and provide full hospitality to people.

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