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New year gift

Celebrate the new year — the new church year, that is — with a liturgical prayer bracelet. Lisa Dean-Erlander, Boise, Idaho, designs and makes prayer bracelets and other jewelry "to adorn our bodies and exalt our spirits" (www.LisasCreations.com).

Bracelets for adults and children have beads that represent the church year's seasons and festival days — and the wearer's baptismal anniversary. Dean-Erlander uses sterling silver, Czech and India glass, hematite and Austrian crystal. A portion of profits goes to Luther Heights Bible Camp, Shoshono, Idaho.

The artist credits her involvement in campus ministry at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Wash., with her appreciation for the church year. "I learned that if I visually see myself in the calendar of the church year, I can center myself in the spiritual side and not get caught up in the everyday craziness of life," she said, adding that using the beads like a rosary helps focus her thoughts during prayer.


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