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Grace across time zones

Grace Lutheran Church, Mountain Home, Idaho, used technology to its advantage in May when Jaspreet Hieb confirmed her faith during the 10 a.m. worship (Mountain time) while her dad, Tim Spicher, who was transferred to Italy a month earlier from the local Air Force base, participated via Skype during his supper hour.

Grace Lutheran Church, Mountain Home, But there was more. "On my left was another [laptop], connecting us with the Beaumont family in Japan (it was 1 a.m.)," said Tom Christensen, interim pastor."

Their former pastor (Stephan Becker) in Ohio did confirmation instruction with their son, Brandon, via Skype, so we included him in the confirmation service as well.

Brandon's grandparents, Dave and Jan Newman, are pillars at Grace, and their faces lit up the whole place."


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