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Meet our staff
Daniel J. Lehmann

I am a lifelong Lutheran with decades of experience in secular journalism. Like many of you, I’m interested in the theological and historical roots of our faith and how that plays out in the contemporary world. I want to know what our church me...

Michael D. Watson
Art Director

My role as art director is to design and supervise the design and layout of the magazine. I am also responsible for taking photos, creating illustrations and hiring others to take photos and create illustrations you see in each issue. My free time in...

Elizabeth Hunter
Associate Editor

I'm an associate editor for The Lutheran. I also serve as editor of The Little Lutheran and its sister publication, The Little Christian. Both are intended to nurture the faith of people aged 6 and younger. Check it out, subscribe and let us know wha...

Julie B. Sevig
Associate Editor

For 10 years I have written and edited stories for The Lutheran, mostly about congregations. What a great job! ... to be able to write what I want, edit my own copy, work with talented freelance writers, and have a hand in the whole creative process....

Andrea S. Pohlmann Kulik
Editorial Production Manager

After 18 years and five job titles, you can now find me happily working away at copyediting, production flow, some layouts, overseeing the magazine’s correspondents and other duties. And as editor of the “Youngchurch” page I love to...

Curtis Peterson
Circulation Marketing Manager

After a lifetime of experiences with daily newspapers, I joined The Lutheran magazine in April 2005.  My role is to develop ways for us to increase our circulation and help more people enjoy and enrich their lives with the content provided in Th...

Barbara Fletcher
Assistant to the editor

I have been in my position as Assistant to the Editor at The Lutheran since July 2008. It has been challenging, interesting and fun learning about magazine publishing and I enjoy my work and colleagues and look forward to each completed issue of the...

Jeff Favre
Contributing Editor

I am a contributing editor since March 1999, and I was previously the assistant editor. My niche: writing the stories that get all the hate mail. I try not to take it personally. I am now living ...

Robert C. Blezard
Study Guide Editor

After 25 fun years in journalism, ending with a wonderful job at The Lutheran magazine, the message God was telling me for years finally sunk in: "Don't write about ministry. Do ministry." So I retooled, was ordained in 2006 and now serve as pastor o...

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