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Robert A. Rimbo

Rimbo is pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in New York City and bishop-elect of the Metropolitan New York Synod.

Articles by Robert A. Rimbo:
  • Passover this Christmas
    Celebrate Christ's birth, celebrate the paschal mystery
  • November
    A convergence of events reminds us of death, life & giving thanks
  • Silence
    It is the body of Christ listening for the voice of God
  • More habits
    Thoughtful participation in worship enables us to catch Christ's spirit
  • Habits
    The habits of highly effective worshipers
  • Clapping
    Spontaneous applause during worship just might delight
  • Prayer on the run
    Beyond the assembly offer a short prayer or make the sign of the cross
  • Weddings
    Participate as if the health & happiness of the couple depended on it
  • Eastertide
    God gives us 50 days for celebration
  • Counting
    A little history of how '40 Days of Lent' came to be
  • Twilight
    This Lent, return to the community at midweek to experience God with us
  • Holy smoke
    Our prayers rise like incense before God
  • Remembering
    Events of the past live in the present and show us the future
  • Table grace
    At church and home, more than hunger and thirst are satisfied
  • Stuff
    Even at worship, we need 'stuff'
  • More praying
    Reclaiming the tradition of orans
  • Praying
    When we make intercession, we stand for and with those for whom we pray
  • Hands
    Handle them with care in life and liturgy
  • Thanks be to God!
    A conversation so brief we might miss its meaning
  • Sunday
    Why this day for our assembly? Why Sunday?
  • Alleluia!
    This Easter, notice how much 'Alleluia' sounds like laughter
  • Truth
    A challenge & a promise: Proclaiming Christ crucified and risen
  • Names
    In holy communion, the church proclaims Christ to the world
  • Baptism
    A gift from God not something we do to earn our way into God's good graces
  • Welcome home
    At Christmas, church doors open to Christ child & visitor alike
  • Thanksgiving
    This is central to what Jesus did in his institution of the eucharist
  • Balance
    It's important to Lutheran worship
  • Assembly required
    Worship needs more than leaders
  • Preaching
    Good preaching helps us make sense of our lives
  • Word
    Bible gives nourishment, identity, life
  • Singing
    No one has ever left worship humming the sermon
  • Bodies
    Even for shy people, movements, gestures, postures play a part in worship
  • Three days
    Not 'back in time' but spiritual power unleashed for today
  • Sad stuff
    During worship we need to lament, confess and to plead
  • Living ritual
    In basketball & worship, don't miss the routine
  • What would Jesus do?
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