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Silvia Chavez

Silvia joined the The Lutheran January 1996 after working in other units of the ELCA. She worked for The Lutheran until fall of 2004 Besides working on the financial and administrative side of The Lutheran, Silvia was a part-time journalism student at Columbia College Chicago for five years. She celebrated (graduated) in June of 2002. On September 6, 2003, Silvia became a first-time mom. After 16 years of being married and having no children, last September, Jose and Silvia were blessed with "an amazing little boy." Emilio is his name. Silvia says: "The realization that I was a parent finally sank in when Tesia, my nine-year-old niece, said, 'You should be a proud mom. You have the cutest little boy in the world.' I couldn't agree more."

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Embracing diversity