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Lyn Jerde

Jerde, a free-lance religion writer living in Madison, Wis., writes a weekly faith and values column for the Telegraph Herald in Dubuque, Iowa.

Articles by Lyn Jerde:
  • Sweet silence
    Celtic worship is 'a wonderful way' to start the week
  • Do Lutherans hate evangelism?
    Hate is such a strong word.
  • Losing Lutheran
    Some congregations leave denomination out of name
  • What we need
    Should the church give people what they want or what God wants?
  • Citizen Carter
    Former president uses 'gift' of fame to teach the faith
  • Home work
    Congregations move the training of young Christians out the church door
  • 4-step cure
    Psychologist Jessie O'Neill suggests a four-step cure for affluenza.
  • Curing affluenza
    It's about misdirected priorities and being owned by your stuff
  • Decaying authority
    The church's authority wanes when it ceases to be our central place of belonging
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